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Chapter 1: Do you have the Disease to Please?

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Have you ever broken a rule to get someone’s approval?
Sounds backward doesn’t it? Usually you obey rules to get approval, but in this chapter, Meylyne trespasses in the Above-World to find something that her mother had lost. What does that tell you about their relationship?

Personally, I never had to do anything so extreme for approval. I kept my room tidy, did my piano practice and got good grades … and was rewarded! I really enjoyed being told I was a good girl. I became addicted to the approval I received from being the good girl. I never said “no” because that’s not what good girls do. I never asked for more because that was not polite. I was a good friend—I supported others when they had problems to talk about. Nothing wrong with that but if there was something I thought they wouldn’t like hearing, I often left it out. Oprah calls this the disease to please. (more…)