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Chapter 19: If There Be Thorns

Monday, May 27th, 2019

We learn a great deal from our parents. When you are little, you learn how to say words, to read, and even to walk with their guidance. As you get older, your parents continue to teach you many things like how to ride a bike or even when to say please and thank you. In between, there are many lessons they unknowingly give you as well that shape who you become. While following your parent’s actions can be helpful, it’s also important to be mindful of these behaviors.

Can you think of some habits you’ve picked up from your parents?

In chapter 19, Meylyne learns who her enemy, the Thorn Queen, is. This discovery comes as a huge shock to her. She also learns about the Thorn Queen’s secret family history. When we look at the Thorn Queen’s past, we can see the hurt caused by her parent’s betrayal. It’s a natural instinct for parents to take care of their children and protect them. Their betrayal of their daughter is unnatural and causes a rift in their relationship. Instead of growing up in a loving and supportive home, the Thorn Queen had the opposite experience. She was traded around by her parents, the Snake People, and even by Meylyne’s father.