Chapter Two.

Who is this Gurazon that Queen Emery mentions? What is his place in Glendoch’s history?

(A page from Gurazon’s Chronicle)

Thursday, Month of the Harvest, Year of the Owl.

A thousand years have passed since I left Earth, on a ship full of fire and venom. There were six of us on board—castoffs and criminals and even our seas wouldn’t have us. They spat us out of our world, to the shores of this glacier called Glendoch.

Glowering down at us, all glimmer and dazzle, Glendoch crackled and bristled with beauty. And although I was shipwrecked, sodden and scared, I smiled from the depths of my soul. For I had seen Glendoch before!

Out for a walk on a windy day, I’d blinked and there it was, shimmering between the branches of my world—another world, full of magic and mystery, close enough to touch. I’d stretched out my fingers and, just like that, it was gone. Try as hard as I did, I never saw it again, and then there I was, at last.

Over time there were others that saw, indeed others that came, but now those days are gone. No longer safe passage from Earth to Glendoch, the tunnels between our worlds are closed—choked up with weeds and brambles and bones.

And all because of him.

Now I am tired, my mind full of dust but today blew the cobwebs right out! What a hoot, that Meylyne! What fun to watch! I sense some seeds sown so long ago are just getting ready to bloom.

And I—knee deep in parchment, pen full of ink—I am ready for whatever unfolds. For I am Glendoch’s Chronicler and I must make note of it all.

Ah the secrets these pages of mine could spill.




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