Chapter 18: Doing it My Way

In the last blog article, I talked about the importance of tolerating ambiguity. Personally, I’ve always found it quite easy to accept multiple viewpoints—perhaps because I have three different personas living inside me, influencing my thoughts! Personas are aspects of your personality. I have named mine Francesca, Eva and Kathryn, and in this next blog article, I am going to show you how these three view a situation that Meylyne faces in chapter 18.

In chapter 18, Meylyne insists on confronting the Thorn Queen by herself. The reason she gives her friends for this is more complicated than she lets on. If Meylyne wrote to my three personas (whom I’ve clumped together under the name “Francevka”) to discuss this, here’s how the conversation would go;

Dear Francevka,

I have so many doubts about my decision to confront the Thorn Queen by myself. What I said is true— I am afraid that if I try to invisiblize my friends, I won’t be able to un-invisiblize them. Plus they can’t do sorcery so they’ll be in more danger than I will. But deep down, the main reason I want to go by myself is that I just want to do it my way. If my friends come, they might take over and tell me what to do, just like people have done my whole life. What if I’m the only one that can get this right? (Other than my mother, that is.) On the other hand, I’m scared and I want my friends with me. What should I do?



Francesca; It’s understandable that you’d want your friends with you at a time like this—and it’s an opportunity to open up and let them help you…

Kathryn; Oh, please. And get themselves killed? She has to do it by herself. She’s right—she’s the only one that can get this right!

Eva; Stop bossing everyone around, Kathryn. I happen to agree with you—it would be easiest to do it by herself—but you don’t know everything, you know. And maybe Meylyne wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed if she trusted others to help her. You are such a control freak.

Kathryn; Well I’m right, aren’t I?

Francesca; There’s really no need to fight about this. You’re both right. Or at least, neither of you is wrong. But overall I think Meylyne would do well from trusting others more and allowing them to help. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Kathryn; Um. Well let’s see. Both of her friends could die and it would be her fault.

Eva; Or, they could help her and together they could all defeat the Thorn Queen.

Kathryn; Right. Because non-alchemical beings stand such a good chance against powerful alchemists like the Thorn Queen. That sounds like a fair fight. I’m telling you. Nothing good comes of trusting others!

Eva; Really? And how’s that working out for you? Slept much lately?

Francesca; Eva—stop picking on Kathryn. You’re not that different you know—you hardly ever trust others. And Kathryn—Eva makes a good point. When is that last time you slept?

Kathryn; Can we stop making this about me? Meylyne wants to know what to do.

Francesca; Ultimately, Meylyne knows the answer. She’s strong enough to take the Thorn Queen by herself. Well, most likely she is. I think she’s right in not involving her non-alchemical friends in what will undoubtedly turn into an alchemical fight. But there could be other ways that they could help her and she should let them.

Eva; How, exactly, can they help?

Francesca; I think we can all figure this out together. Let’s see. What are her friends’ strengths?

Kathryn; I suppose Blue has his tireless courage of his. And his razor-sharp warrior skills. He probably could dodge just about any incantation thrown at him. Maybe he could distract the Thorn Queen at a pivotal point—you know, come at her from behind. That sort of thing.

Eva; And Hope has his strength and speed. He could ride both Meylyne and Blue away if either one was injured.

Francesca; These are good points. Wait. You actually think her friends should join her in this battle? I’m not sure I’d go that far.

Kathryn; That’s because you’re a stick-in-the-mud. You talk a big talk but you never really want to change.

Eva; I’m with Francesca. Who likes change? It’s scary!

Kathryn; Better than staying stuck, like stick-in-the-mud Francesca.

Francesca; Okay, I think we’re done here. Good luck in making your decision, Meylyne!

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